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Working hard to

Feed Our Country

We are contributing our quota to our country's food sufficiency by investing in Commercial Plantation, Vegetable Farming and Livestock Ranching.

Established in 2014, Traxivest Farms currently operate farms at three locations in Ogun State with 353 acres of farmland comprising:

  • Kobape - 200 acres of Cassava & Oil Palm
  • Ishara – 50 acres of Cassava
  • Owode-Egba – 6 acres of Vegetables & Animal Husbandry

Plans are underway for our establishment of more farms in other parts of the country in the very near future.

We have a long-term outlook to our agricultural investments, recognising that early-stage agribusinesses can take ten years or more to reach maturity. In view of this, we are constantly developing our proprietary cultivation protocols to help us meet local and possibly export market demands.

We foster and enjoy cordial relationship with our host communities as well as enjoy the support of research institutes in the area of improved seedlings, best practices and technical advice.

Our farms are installed with adequate water supply and irrigation facilities to enable us have year-round production.


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